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    4 Riverland Road North, Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada

    (204) 345-6224

    Email: tim@margiesgreenhouse.com



    Closed For The 2023 Season


    New Grand opening April 2024!


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    Open now for the 2024 Season


    Happy Growing


    Meet Tim, Leanne, and their family, the enthusiastic new owners of Margie's Greenhouse! Having been part of Lac du Bonnet since 1975 and settling permanently in 2014, they're thrilled to dive into local business ownership. With a passion for flowers and a strong desire to connect with the community, they can't wait to greet everyone this upcoming spring. Get ready to join them in nurturing plants and relationships at Margie's Greenhouse, where they're excited to create a space where beauty grows and friendships blossom!


    Happy Gardening,

    Tim & Leanne 

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    With over 16,000 square feet of greenhouses we invite you in to indulge your senses. We're sure you'll find a bloom or two that speaks to you. The knowledgeable, friendly staff at Margie's Greenhouse can help you choose the proper plants for your space and offer design service for your special events whether in planters, baskets, or your garden.



    We are open seven days a week for the 2024 growing/planting season, and we can't wait to see you!

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    4 Riverland Road North, Lac du Bonnet,

    Manitoba, Canada

    (204) 345-6224

    Email: tim@margiesgreenhouse.com


    Opening day April 27, 2024

  • Who We Are

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    Margie's Greenhouse brings beauty and joy to our community with locally grown flowers, herbs, and vegetables. We sustainably cultivate stunning blooms and seasonal vegetables, aiming to uplift spirits and foster joy and connection among our customers.

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    At Margie's Greenhouse, we dream of turning Lac du Bonnet and its surrounding areas into vibrant communities adorned with colourful gardens where friends and neighbours gather to grow plants and share laughter. We want to help our community live healthier, happier lives by cultivating fresh vegetables and flowers in our backyard. Our goal is to make Lac du Bonnet and its surrounding areas greener and cozier, where everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature and feel closer to each other and the land we call home.

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    News and Upcoming Events

    Opening Day Saturday, April 27, 2024!




    Monday- Wednesday 10am - 6pm

    Thurs-Friday 10am - 8pm

    Saturday- Sunday 12am - 5pm


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    What is your must have perennial?

    Tried and true perennials, or jazz up your space with a new up-start each season. Find a place for a new favourite or an old love!

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    Edibles & Bedibles

    If you have a favourite we probably have it!

    Fresh veggies and herbs you've grown yourself, try to pick just one of our 18 varieties of tomatoes, we bet you'll need more than one variety!

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    Patio Cucumbers & Tomatoes

    Email us to pre-order your patio planters.

    We'll grow them up for you until you pick them up.

    Be sure to pre-order these lovely pots of tomatoes or cucumbers (at least one of each!) - they sell out fast!

    Super flavour and perfect for your patio or deck!

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    Herb, Salad, & Mojito Planters

    Greek Goddess, Lettuce Planters, Herbs Provence, Mojito Madness, Baby Veggies and more!

    All your favourites and everything you need in one easy to care for container! Great gifts for your favourite foodie!

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    Local Products are the Best!

    Evolve Organic Fertilizers from Dirt & Grow!

    Give you plants some love with these great products from a fabulous Manitoba company! You'll be glad you did! There is an EVOLVE Organic Fertilizer for everything from starting your seedlings, to enhancing your blooms, to greening your grass.

    Oh, and let's not forget the Tomato food - it's all the Rage!

  • Gift Certificates Available Now!


  • Drop by for a Visit in 2024!

    Welcome, we know all the dirt and are thrilled to share!

    Call 204 345 6224 to check daily hours

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    Tel: 204-345-6224

    Cell: 204-510-3629

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