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    Closed For The Season!

    Hours: M-F 10 am to 6 pm, Sat 10 am to 5 pm, Sun 12 -5

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    Closed for the 2022 season!

    Wishing you beautiful gardens and bountiful harvests!

    Thank you for your continued support!


    Monday to Friday 10 am - 6 pm

    Saturdays 10 am - 5 pm

    Sundays 12 (noon) - 5 pm

    Welcome to Margie's Greenhouse, a family-owned & operated business. For over 32 years, and as a second generation family business, we love providing our customers with high quality, fresh plants, flowers, edibles, and safe garden material.

    We believe we may have the colours, textures, scents and blooms to inspire you!


    'As Gary and I prepare for our 17th season we would like to thank all of our staff, past and present, our families and friends, and all our customers for making Margie's Greenhouse a continuing success!'

    Happy Gardening,


    With over 16,000 square feet of greenhouses we invite you in to indulge your senses. We're sure you'll find a bloom or two that speaks to you. The knowledgeable, friendly staff at Margie's Greenhouse can help you choose the proper plants for your space and offer design service for your special events whether in planters, baskets, or your garden.

    We are a seasonal business; our doors are open and we are happy to help all customers starting on April 30 this year (2022).

    We close late July for the season as we tidy up and head for the office to start planning and preparing for next season. - Closed for the 2022 season

    4 Riverland Road North, Lac du Bonnet,

    Manitoba, Canada

    (204) 345-6224

    Email: joan@margiesgreenhouse.com

    Closed for the 2022 Gardening Season!

    Looking forward to greeting you next year!

  • News and Upcoming Events

    Closed for the 2022 season!

    Thank you for your support!


    Monday to Friday 10 am - 6 pm

    Saturdays 10 am - 5 pm

    Sundays 12 (noon) - 5 pm


    Yellow is our fellow this year - Petunias like you've never seen before! Already blooming: Bees Knees, Night Sky, Raspberry Swirl, Starry Sky Burgundy, Banana Cherry, Electric Purple and Crystal Sky.

    Tried and true perennials, or jazz up your space with a new up-start each season. Find a place for a new favourite or an old love!

    Edibles & Bedibles

    If you have a favourite we probably have it!

    Fresh veggies and herbs you've grown yourself, try to pick just one of our 18 varieties of tomatoes, we bet you'll need more than one variety!

    Patio Cucumbers & Tomatoes

    Email us to pre-order your patio planters.

    We'll grow them up for you until you pick them up.

    Be sure to pre-order these lovely pots of tomatoes or cucumbers (at least one of each!) - they sell out fast!

    Super flavour and perfect for your patio or deck!

    Herb, Salad, & Mojito Planters

    Greek Goddess, Lettuce Planters, Herbs Provence, Mojito Madness, Baby Veggies and more!

    All your favourites and everything you need in one easy to care for container! Great gifts for your favourite foodie!

    Local Products are the Best!

    Evolve Organic Fertilizers from Dirt & Grow!

    Give you plants some love with these great products from a fabulous Manitoba company! You'll be glad you did! There is an EVOLVE Organic Fertilizer for everything from starting your seedlings, to enhancing your blooms, to greening your grass.

    Oh, and let's not forget the Tomato food - it's all the Rage!

  • Drop by for a Visit in 2023!

    Looking forward to welcoming you, we know all the dirt and are thrilled to share!

    Call 204 345 6224 to check daily hours


    Tel: 204.345.6224


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    Recipes, tips, thoughts, and musings.

    Fall soups using readily available vegetables from your own garden - nothing better! This Leek and Potato Soup is simple to make, has few ingredients but is big on taste. I also added a bit of chopped celery. I prefer to saute the celery, leeks and onions a bit before adding them to the stock...
    March 1, 2022
    Pickled Beets - just like Mom used to make! Margie also planted the cylindrical beets - easy to slice and put in the jars.  This is her recipe. Thanks Mom! Pickled Beets 1. Wash beets and place in a large pot. Cover with water and cook until tender. 2. Cool until able to handle and peel -...
    March 1, 2022
    Thanks to Rod for sharing! Jalapeno Pickles Bring to a simmer: 1 cup white vinegar 1 cup white sugar 3/4 cup water 1/2 tsp. pickling salt 1/2 tsp. mustard seed 1/8 tsp. tumeric 1. Add 3 cups chopped jalapeno peppers (I used both red and green).  2. Bring liquid back to simmer....
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